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FantaMorph 5 Standard Review

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PROS / FantaMorph's help and support features are wonderful.

CONS / The standard version lacks more advanced features, such as a face model feature and the ability to add captions.

 VERDICT / This morphing software provides a variety of features sure to keep you busy for hours.

FantaMorph from Abrosoft is powerful morphing software that is perfect for both those who are starting out, and those who are well versed in the world of morphing. We love that this software provides vast help and support options, including tutorials and a user manual. If you take the time to read these documents and apply them to your morphing tasks, your projects will soon look as if a professional created them.

This morphing software offers huge possibilities with its diverse feature set, and it offers you quick editing power with its real-time preview. FantaMorph is the best morphing software on the market, as it allows you to create professional-quality morph animation. All this makes it the most powerful morphing application we've reviewed and earns it the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award.

Feature Set

FantaMorph's standard edition, which we tested for this review, boasts many great features. Experienced "morphers," however, might want to consider upgrading to Abrosoft's FantaMorph Deluxe version, which has quite the list of outstanding features to choose from.

Below is a sampling of the features you will find in the standard version of this morphing software:

Import Photoshop Files (PSD) – This is a feature introduced to FantaMorph morphing software version 5. Allowing you to import images into the application from Photoshop increases your editing power because you can tweak your images before introducing morphing features.

Multiple Key Dots Edit – Key dots are created on the main source image. For each dot you add, a corresponding dot shows up on the second image, in the exact same location. At any point in the process, depending on your preference, you can move the second set of key dots to a more appropriate location on the second image. The more dots you add to each photo, the better your morph will turn out, as these dots help align the separate images and make the morphing process appear smooth and professional.

Key dots are arguably the most important aspect in creating the perfect morph. When you're working with hundreds of dots, having the ability to edit multiple dots at once is almost necessary – particularly for your sanity. With this tool, you can draw a rectangle marquee selection around a few or all of the dots to move, scale, rotate, skew, flip, copy, cut, delete or paste them, all at the same time.

Outside Dots – You are able to place key dots outside source images, which will improve your morph's accuracy, thus improving your overall morph image.

Modeless Movie and Sequence –Because the movie and sequence windows are modeless, you're able to display them alongside the main interface. This means you'll still be able to see your source and target images while viewing movie and sequence windows.

Split Workspace – The workspace in FantaMorph version 5 is fantastic, as the main screen within the morphing software displays your source image, target image and a preview screen, all at the same time. This multi-screen display makes editing a cinch—allowing you to view the changes you make while conveniently keeping your images open for quick edits. This split workspace is also ideal for placing key dots and viewing the morphing process in real time.

Crop Tool – In past versions, you could use the crop tool for basic functions. With version 5, you can now use the crop tool to rotate angles as well as include space from outside the source image in your crop.

Adjust Skin Hue – Your workspace is customizable. With version 5, you can select which workspace look you'd like: Standard, MAC or Blue.

Auto Update – This feature allows for your morphing software to constantly be up-to-date, as updates and upgrades are automatically installed.

The features listed below may not be new to this version 5 morphing software, but they are definitely worth noting:

Real-Time Preview/Playback – The real-time playing features pushed FantaMorph over the top for us. Real-time preview allows you to view the morphing effects you have applied to each frame in real time, essentially showing you what your final product will look like. This "fast scroll" allows you to see the effects you've created before you finalize anything. These features also let you view your morphing sequences immediately, without first saving it to a file.

Built-in Image Edit Tool – FantaMorph lets you crop, resize, rotate, flip and adjust your source images. And you can add foreground or background images. Light, color and contrast also help enhance your morph.

Key Dots – Assigning a style and color to the key dots you place may seem trivial when you first begin a morphing project. After you've added 50 or 100 dots, however, you'll find it much easier to work with the dots if you've assigned them colors according to their zone or location.

Line Edit – Adding hundreds of key dots is not only taxing, but it may also become confusing. When you head into a morphing project, especially one involving faces, we suggest you employ the line edit tool. The line edit feature is reminiscent of "connect the dots" puzzles. You can connect a few dots (or all of them) together, forming a line between each dot. This line maps out the area you are dotting, allowing you clearly to see where you have placed your dots.

While we understand that the standard version of this morphing software is primarily designed those just beginning, we would have liked to see a few of the deluxe version features provided in the standard version, specifically the ability to add captions as well as access the face model, mixer and library add-ins.

Ease of Use

FantaMorph is simple and intuitive to use, even if you're not a computer or morphing expert. We found this morphing software to be good at simplifying complex processes. For example, exporting morph movies might be difficult for some, but this morphing software breaks it down to the point where it's a simple task.

The "Project Wizard" is perfect for those just starting their first morphing project and who need a little assistance. The project wizard will hold your hand through several steps, including choosing a project type, which images you'll use for your project, how to edit these photos and setting movie properties like movie length (duration) and movie size. We do wish the project wizard had continued to walk us through the key dot processes, but thanks to the excellent morphing software manual, we were able figure it out without too much trouble.

Before beginning any project, we advise that you take time to skim through the user manual, browse the FAQs online and go through the learning tutorials so you will understand the full scope of this morphing software's features and capabilities. The tutorials Abrosoft offers are thorough but simple, making what could be a complex, hard-to-understand application easy for anyone to use.

Ease of Installation

We installed FantaMorph morphing software and registered the application within minutes, and we then had immediate access to all of the tools and features. The setup wizard recommended we create a desktop icon, which is a perfect solution for quick access.


FantaMorph offers top-notch help and support documents as well as comprehensive tutorials. We love the extensive user manual that walks you through detailed instructions of each function in FantaMorph. When you first open this morphing software, you'll click through a series of pop-up windows, each representing a feature or function to get your morphing project started.

Let's say you are at the initial image importing screen. If you have question regarding this step, simply select the "help" tab located at the bottom of the screen. You are then directed to the exact section in the user manual that explains exactly how to import photos.

The user forum is another great source, not only for morphing ideas, but also for general concerns other morphing software users are experiencing. The Morph Gallery is the perfect place to go for new morphing ideas, and it is interesting to see how different people have used morphing software in their personal and professional lives. You, too can post your morphs on the forum for other FantaMorph users to enjoy.

Other types of help available include online FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), how-to articles, a submit-a-question form and an online forum.


With a wide variety of features, intuitive controls and diverse help and support options, this morphing software is easily our top pick. If you're looking for a powerful morphing application that allows you to produce, edit and share your morphed creations with others, FantaMorph is for you.